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This is particularly true due to the amount of misinformation promulgated by mobs and gang-stalkers (trolls) to spread paranoia and anxiety within the community of targeted individuals. A lot of the information available on the internet has to be taken with a certain amount of care and healthy scepticism.

Peace and Calm
Peaceful Peaks

Rise above the clouds, break free of your chains of fear and judgement and work towards personal freedom as a sovereign being. We are not born to be slaves and suffer; faith can move mountains.

The butterfly has a short life but displays much beauty in the time it has. We should strive to achieve such beauty but in difference to the butterfly our beauty should be on the inside, external beauty is temporary but internal beauty is eternal.

Faith means many things to many people but what it boils down to is trusting something exterior and bigger than ourselves. Without faith we are effectively self serving, empty vessels with no trust in ourselves or the future. We must have faith even if it's only in ourselves in order to progress in the world.
Wheat and Tares
Wheat and Tares

This is about true believers who have faith and false believers who use deceipt for their own ends such as false prophets who use their followers for personal gain. They cannot truly believe otherwise they would know they will be held responsible for what they do.
It's our world
Our World

The world is full of beauty, one only has to look around with the right mindset. It is easy to see only the suffering and injustice in the world but one must head to the light not the dark. The choice is yours!
Younger Generations
The Children

We owe it to the younger generations to fight to retain and regain our freedoms from the nefarious organisations and governemnts who are opposed to our rights as sovereign human beings. If we fail we fail ourselves and more importantly we fail the generations to come!

The generations to come will never forgive us for any failure which they will have to live with.
Technology Addiction
Addicted to Technology

It is our addiction to technology and artificial intelligence (AI) which will be our undoing. Human beings need a purpose in life and too many people in positions of power are in the process of trying to remove the purpose of any people's lives. Machines no matter how advanced cannot replace human beings and their inbuilt spirit, the spirit of man or woman cannot be recreated.
Hear, say and see nothing?
All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” possibly by Edmund Burke

We are at a point in history were buying your head in the sand and ignoring the blatantly obvious is not going to keep anyone safe.

If the current narrative succeeds it's not a case of IF you lose everything it is a case of WHEN you lose everything.


This web site has been created in response to all the fear being promulgated in the name of keeping people safe. It does not matter if the web sites are official sites run by the government or so called "truther" sites they all have one thing in common the promoting of fear to get their respective messages across. Unfortuantely fear is rife in all our communities and the techniques used by the authorities have been used by users for time in memorial.

The main tools used by the authorities and abusers are:

  • Fear. The most powerful tool especially the fear of death or loss.
  • Guilt tripping. A powerful tool using a person's fear of what other people think of them. e.g. You're a bad person if you don't do what I say.
  • Virtue signalling. A powerful tool using a person's fear of what other people think of them. e.g. You're a good person if you do what I say.
  • Gaslighting. Telling people they are not seeing and experiencing what they are actually seeing and experiencing which often cause cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is basically experiencing two or more conflicting beliefs at the same time which is mentally uncomfortable. This results in a false reality.
    e.g. Vaccinated people are ill all around you but unvaccinated are remaining healthy while being told that vaccinations are safe and effective, what to believe?
Now the main tools of abusers are known what can be done about them?

  • Let go of the fear, develop a strong faith in something more than yourself if possible if not a strong faith in yourself is stiil very good and helps develop a strong feeling of self esteem removed from what other people think. This is very important!
  • Guilt tripping and virtue signalling are a response to what other people think so stop thinking about other people think base your decisions on what is known to be right in one's self.
  • Gaslighting is much more difficult to deal with in an age were misinformation and lies are rife for various nefarious reasons. Some truths are obvious such as vaccinated people are ill all around you but unvaccinated people are remaining healthy while being told that vaccinations are safe and effective. Common sense should reveal the truth. Other truths are harder to discover but as time goes by the lies are being uncovered all the time.
Do not give in to fear and judgement!
Fear is used to open people up to manipulation and control; it is a very effective tool used in just about all psychological warfare. Abusers are very adept at using fear as one of their most powerful tools when manipulating their targets sometimes resulting in the suicide of their chosen target, it is that powerful.
Guilt tripping and virtue signalling
Guilt tripping and virtue signalling are two more powerful tools in the abusers armoury they are used to make their targets feel like they have done something wrong or they need to do something to be a decent person. The target will feel like they have to respond to correct the situation but all they are really doing is people pleasing which corresponds to the abuser's agenda. The effects of these two tools are the use of strong boundaries and good self esteem which helps the target to take no notice of what other people think unless it has a positive effect on them. Caring too much about what other people think causes far too much suffering and distress for too many members of society and leaves them wide open to many forms of abuse.
MPC on the Web Blog
Should you ever find yourself the target of other people.
Should you ever find yourself the target of other people's bitterness, jealousy, lies and insecurities. Don't be mad. Remember things could be worse: You could be them.
Published by Admin - 03 Mar 2024
The new normal has arrived
The "new normal" has arrived, a tract by Stuart Spagatner of the "Messages for our time" YouTube Channel.
Published by Stuart Spagatner - 30 Dec 2023
Beyond the Reset
A 3D animated short film about not too distant but a dystopian future. It speculates on the potential consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, woke culture, and green agenda. Everything, that World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning for humanity.
Published by 3D Epix Inc. - 24 Dec 2023
Do you think we're back to normal?
So you think we're back to normal. A tract by Stuart Spagatner of the "Messages for our time" YouTube Channel.
Published by Admin - 01 Oct 2023
Useful links to YouTube
A few links to useful channels on YouTube which provide some useful information and thoughts from their authors.
Published by Admin - 05 Jun 2022
The colour purple
The colour purple has interesting connotations from the past and has Satanic connections.
Published by Admin - 05 Jun 2022

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